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released March 24, 2020

Brandon Collins and Jason Kutchma are Chasing 76

Songs & Lyrics by Jason Kutchma

Drums and percussion by Brandon Collins
Vocals, guitar, keys by Jason Kutchma
Bass and additional vocals by Andy A.

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Andy A.
The Chop Shop Recording Studio in Boise, Idaho
June 2019 through January 2020

Bird of Paradise artwork by Chels Collins


all rights reserved



Chasing 76 Nampa, Idaho

A rock band in the high desert.

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Track Name: Howling For You
Here they come, there you go
Hear them howling for you
Tears came when you left
You said there was nothing you could do
You let up, you let down
Stood up and turned around
You were gone, you were gone
You were in, you were out
Only certain of your doubt
Now you’re gone
Come back

Your past, you can’t replace it
Try and run, you can’t outpace it
It’s your mess, it’s not erased
It’ll never pass if it’s never faced
It’ll call through the backdoor window
Beyond the porch, beyond the fog
Staked down in the dirt
Like some poor forgotten dog
On hardened ground
Green heaven just out of touch
Too deaf for the guard
Too blind for the watch
Just howling

Who’s gonna save me?
Are you gonna save me?
Track Name: How Low Can You Go
You think you’re never gonna break
As you bow to no end?
Whatever it takes
When they raise the stakes
You’re bending
Don’t get into that line
When they lean even a little bit back
With the music and the rhythm
Everybody thinks they’re winning
But it’s a fact now
It’s only those holding the ends
Making it harder the older I get
With their goal of dropping the pole
How low can you go?

How much more can you take
Of circles going lower?
Of crooking that neck
Then genuflecting that back
Yet still going under?
Come and go over
Not another replay
While everybody’s dipping
But nobody’s no more grinning
Everybody’s watching you walking away
Days are no wage to bet
On a roll of this crushing roulette
Croupier calling double zero
How low you can go?
Track Name: Worry All the Time
Leo’s at the levee, neon Piggly Wiggly
Frost moon shining through loblolly pines
There’s a billboard with a sheriff elect
I eat my MRE and watch kids rolling dice
Who’s that there right about midnight
Looking like he’s been worried all his life?

Red and white suit, blue chewed and bitten tie
Arms rise in the shadows of street lit cable lines
Dull and yellowed, worn cue ball eyes
The smell of despair leaking from every breath
“I’ve been running since seventy-five
I’ve been in a hurry all that time”

Leaned in my car
Pawed at his jaw
His face said it all
I can’t take this anymore
Forty years of mounting doubt and debt
Now I fear there’s a hunting to come and collect
Are you my rider? Is this my ride?
I’m just so worried all of the time
Track Name: The Birds of Eden
All the birds of Eden
Don’t know where to fly
Because the North looks like the South
From January clear out
Until the fourth of July
Way out in the west
Whatever water’s left
Fills the bottles
Fills the shelves
Filling the bellies of the whales
Filling the bottoms of the oceans

When night falls on Eden
Birds don’t know it’s not day
So they cry and they call
To the quiet then the qualms of breaking
Then that day gets broken
Then that day gets numbered
Nights get lost
Momma Bird’s crying
Cause the alarm clock won’t shut off
She’s flying barely alive

She’s flying over the Garden
Watching kids playing scared
Better to be caged inside
So the cameras and I
Can keep an eye on you
Just like everybody do
Everybody online
Everybody off
Everybody out
Everybody shouts
Hot damn, I am barely alive

Beak in a river of Eden
Once flowed with gold
Now those rivers are roads
Endless roads that go and go and go
Then stop to become parking lots
On endless highways
Ending in manors called Endless Estates
It’s paradise!
That’s what the brochures say
Very alive! You’ll feel very alive!
But you’ll be buried alive

Deep in the forests of the Garden
There’s a fake plastic breeze
Every minute every hour
Among the cell phone towers
I mean evergreens
Forever green
For every poison sweetened
For no fruit forbidden
For nothing is hidden
For all knowledge given
Like which direction is heaven
And if I’m even alive

Now poor Momma Bird’s lost
She’s lost and all alone
Got to bring her home
First you got to find her remote control
Can you hear it?
Can you hear her?
Can you hear the call
Of nothing at all
Here in Eden?
Track Name: Salvation
Take a look at our paradise
It’s been burning like that all night
Been burning with them hungry flames
Since seventy four or five
Lapping up, lapping up
All these ashes and dust
Is that what becomes of us?
Amber waves waving their goodbyes
On our highways of indifference

I can see you through the smoke
Are you ever coming back?
Tell me you’re coming home
Tell me I’m not alone

This morning we lost our days
Has all light been forgot?
For every moment some darkness gains,
There’s another shattering sense of loss
“It’s gone!”
They’ve said that all along
Were they wrong?
It’s not gone but it’s been tumbling down
As we were waiting but for what use?
Only to become bored by being amused
By some kinda joke
But you’re never allowed to laugh, oh no
It’s about the most foolish thing I’ve ever known

As midnight becomes our noon
We’re pointing at everyone
When all is said and done
More was said than ever done
“It’s gone!”
I heard that all along
It’s not gone but damn sure is crumbling
We keep on waiting, who knows what for?
One more drop to another bottom floor

Somewhere in this smoke
I can feel you, come on back
Hear me calling come on home
Must I come for you?
Must I come to you believing
Salvation is just a little farther away?

I was broken
I was beaten
But no, I won’t be defeated
Not ever
Not today
I was hopeless
I was haunted
But I’ll be fearless
I will be undaunted
For you
For always
For salvation is just a little further
Track Name: You're the One
Has the night gone on too long?
I feel the days before it wasted
Why do I fear some coming dawn?
If the sun does rise can I face it?
I wonder

I spent too much time alone
Too much time being lonely when not alone
Is it some fault in me?
Skipping gears of my machinery?
These thoughts won’t stop
Can’t be ignored not like before
I’m running but I don’t know if away or toward
You’re the one I’ve been waiting for

I’ve been reaching out but it all just slips away
To ghosts in clouds, down darkened corridors
To high tide waves on my blackened shores
Saying, “We’re taking back what was once ours”
You’re the one I’ve been waiting for

The shallow end keeps deepening
The deep end calls and calls “Hello”
Waters rise or am I sinking?
Depths peaking
Please speak into the microphone
Shout it out nice and loud
Be the choir all by yourself
Your lost will not be found
Not right now anyhow
There’s still fear in me
But it appears to be
I’m not in this all alone
Yet that first step is always on your own
You’re the one I’ve been waiting
Track Name: Falling In Love
I had a fear of falling
But I never knew no fear of heights
Till at the end of a rope I had no right to climb
Friends kept on calling
Their thrown ropes, I wouldn’t grab them
I wasn’t living for today or tomorrow
I was living out of habit
Never cared what I had to lose
Never cared what I had to prove
Never cared what I had to choose
Until you

You’re one in a million
Maybe even a million two
I hate to think just where I’d be without you
I was so far away from higher ground
When I heard an echo
I heard this sound
It was an aching
It was howling
Do you care what you have to choose?
Don’t you care what you have to choose?
Don’t you care what you must choose?
Who was that, you?
Falling in love

To know what you have to lose
Is to know what you have to prove
Is to know what you must choose
I fell and I fell then I crawled
Only then could I fall in love again
Track Name: I Will Be Free
I walked every plain and mountain
I walked every shore of the sea
I walked then I ran
I forgot who I am
Will I ever be released? Will I ever be free?

I bought every promise heard or seen
A stranger in a shelter said to me
I thought I liked the price
I thought I knew the cost
Just like a thief hanging on a cross
I won’t ever be released
Maybe I’ll be free

On the day my whole world was crying
They were crying but oh no not me
I was looking up
They said I looked my best
While they were looking down
At the flowers on my chest
I won’t ever be released
But I will be free